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Garrotxa Goat's Milk Cheese Wedge - 1 lb


Garrotxa Goat's Milk Cheese Wedge - 1 lb

Firm Farmhouse Cheese

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  • Bone white cheese
  • Smooth texture
  • Fresh, nutty flavor
  • Made in Catalunya
  • From pasture-raised goats
  • Size - 1 lb/453 gr

Garrotxa is a classic cheese from Catalunya. Firm and smooth, it has a fresh, earthy flavor with herbal notes. This mildly acidic yet rich cheese is delicious paired with fresh fruit or drizzled with honey. We like to sprinkle pieces on green salads. Serve with a crisp white wine or bubbly Cava.

Garrotxa cheese is made with the milk of pasture-raised Murcian goats that wander the countryside of Catalunya. Almost extinct by the 1970s, this style of cheese was revived in 1981 by local cheesemakers. Since then it has become one of the most popular artisan cheeses of the area.

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