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Premium Garbanzo Beans by La Carreta


Premium Garbanzo Beans by La Carreta

For Cocido de Garbanzos

All Natural

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  • Top quality Spanish garbanzos
  • Perfect for cocido de garbanzos
  • Firm and delicious
  • Rich, nutty flavor
  • Size - 17.6 oz/500 gr

La Carreta garbanzo beans from Spain have a delicious nutty flavor. Unlike most soft, tasteless chick peas, these garbanzos are firm with a crisp bite and can absorb lots of flavors.

Cocido de Garbanzos stew is popular across Spain. Garbanzos simmered in a broth with chorizo, jamón, morcilla and vegetables, make this a hearty meal your whole family will enjoy. Try La Carreta garbanzos for all recipes that call for chickpeas and you will be impressed with their superior texture and flavor.

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