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New Fresh Black Winter Truffle, Flown from Spain - SHIPS FREE *See Details

Fresh Black Winter Truffle, Flown from Spain - SHIPS FREE *See Details

Rare Gourmet Delicacy, Premium Quality - Allow One Week for Arrival

All Natural

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  • Free overnight shipping - Allow a week to arrive
  • Fresh aromatic truffles - never frozen or dried
  • 1 or 2 whole Périgord black truffles
  • Consume within a few days of receiving
  • Harvested in the mountains of Aragon
  • Size - Approximately 1 oz/28 gr

Note: Black winter truffles are flown in weekly to ensure the freshest truffles possible. Your order may take up to a week to arrive depending on when the flight arrives. Your order will ship free via overnight service. If you order any other items, they will arrive separately.


The king of truffles, the black winter Périgord truffle is luxuriously aromatic and flavorful, with earthy, chocolatey flavor notes that will elevate any dish it meets. To ensure you have the very ripest, freshest truffles possible, these truffles are flown in weekly from the mountains of Aragon. The next day they will arrive at your door, in perfect condition.

When the first truffles arrived in our test kitchen the whole room filled with an earthy, intoxicating aroma - and this was before we had even cut the tape on the shipping box! Over the next few days, we added slices and gratings to pastas and rice, eggs and canapés, and all were elevated to a heavenly level.

The open secret in the truffle world is that Spain produces some of the finest truffles in Europe. In fact, many premium truffles labeled as French actually traveled over the Pyrenees Mountains from the Spanish side. After all, the climate and terrain are almost identical, and so is the quality.

These premium black truffles are at their peak of ripeness from December to February. Truffles harvested in winter have a black interior with white marbling, and a rich, earthy aroma.

Your truffle will arrive in a glass jar, resting in a bed of rice to keep it in perfect condition. Store the truffles wrapped in a paper towel in a sealed container in the refrigerator. If you want to infuse cheese or eggs with the truffle aroma, you can add them to the same container.

To enjoy your truffle, shave onto pasta or your favorite rice dish, add them to scrambled eggs or grate onto grilled meats. The truffle will only last a few days, so enjoy it while it is fresh!

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