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Flor de Sal - Sea Salt by Salina San Vicente


Flor de Sal - Sea Salt by Salina San Vicente

Premium Sea Salt from the Bay of Cádiz - 8.75 oz

All Natural

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  • Fluffy, light crystals
  • Harvested by hand and sun dried
  • Easily dissolves into food
  • Great for fish, meats or salads
  • Packed in ample, resealable glass jar
  • Size - 8.75 oz/250 g

Hand harvested in the same manner for thousands of years near the Bay of Cádiz, flor de sal is one of the highest quality sea salts in the world.

Its light and fluffy crystals are a perfect seasoning for virtually any recipe - making it an essential ingredient in the home and professional kitchens of chefs around the world.

The light, medium sized crystals of this flor de sal dissolve easily into food. It is a great salt for grilled fish and meats as well as salads and egg dishes. Flor de sal is so versatile you'll want to keep a jar of it by the stove and another on the table.

Salina San Vicente is one of the last remaining companies producing salt in the salt fields above the Bay of Cádiz. Manuel Ruiz, his wife Reglín and their children are the fourth generation of the Ruiz family to run Salina San Vicente.

For the last 3,000 years, numerous civilizations have used these small salt flats in the Bay of Cádiz. Only 60 acres in diameter, the flats take advantage of strong, constant winds from the Sahara Desert in Africa that facilitate the evaporation of seawater.

To harvest the salt of Salina San Vicente, briny seawater from the Bay of Cádiz is channeled into elongated ponds, where it remains for about six weeks. During this time, the salt is concentrated through evaporation and the salt acts as a natural purifier - leaving a very clean saline water that will eventually produce flor de sal.

The saline water constantly flows from one pond to another through gravity. No machinery or water pumps are necessary to facilitate the process.

The salt harvest begins in the hot months of July and August each year. Every evening, flor de sal, or 'flower of the salt', is gathered from the surface of the water. Clean and delicate, with a unique flavor, flor de sal delights food lovers around the world. After hand picking, the flor de sal is sun dried and sieved to remove all impurities. The salt is never washed and contains trace minerals including iodine, iron and calcium.

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  • "Best Salt int he world. Excellent for meat, fish, eggs, any food!"

    PATRICIA - September 2011

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