Fideo Pasta for Traditional Fideuá
  • Main ingredient in fideuá (noodle paella)
  • Made with hot spring mineral water
  • 100% semolina flour
  • Exceptional texture when cooked
  • All natural
  • Size - 500 gr/1.1 lbs

This thin, short pasta is the prime ingredient in traditional Spanish fideuá, which is found in restaurants and kitchens in Valencia and eastern Spain. Fideuá is a traditional specialty similar to paella and usually prepared with seafood. Instead of rice, thin noodles are cooked slowly, soaking up the delectable flavors in the dish. Before serving, a dollop of alioli garlic sauce is traditionally added to finish the plate.

Our fideuá pasta is crafted using the finest semolina flour and hot mineral water from a natural spring in Spain. The pasta is particularly high in starch and the surface is slightly powdery. The higher gluten content results in an amazing texture once the pasta is cooked. Though traditionally used in fideuá, this top quality pasta can also be used in soups or as a substitute for other pasta in your favorite recipes.

Peregrino is our house brand, featuring iconic Spanish products. Through years of culinary exploration, we have identified the best artisan specialties and bring them to you at a fair price.


Durum wheat, semolina and water.

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