6 Packages of Potato Chips Cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Torres
  • Exceptional, all natural potato chip
  • Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil
  • Handcrafted process
  • Superior potatoes from the Iberian Peninsula
  • Seasoned with sea salt
  • Size - 6 x 50 gr/1.76 oz

An irresistible potato chip with a crispy crunch and unmatched flavor, these tempting treats will have you returning to the bag time after time. Meticulously cut to create ultra-thin slices of airy goodness, this chip is like no other. Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt to enhance the fresh potato taste, once you experience these exquisite nibbles, they’re sure to become favorite for everyday snacking and as a party appetizer.

When we lived in Spain, we remember visiting potato chip stands at fairs where fresh potatoes were thinly sliced and added into a roiling cauldron of olive oil in front of our eyes. The chips were cooked until golden, then sprinkled with sea salt and served in a paper cone. The result was a supremely crispy potato chip with tiny bubbles in the surface that would hold a touch of olive oil and sea salt. Torres has captured the essence of this classic Spanish-style potato chip.

Torres potato chips’ supreme flavor and texture is owed to the exceptional makers of this popular product. Husband and wife team Manuel Torres and Angelels Medel began their small potato chip operation in Premià de Mar in 1969 selling the product out of a food stand, much like the ones we remember visiting. The company has grown since then, but still maintains the traditions of so long ago. Their passion for using only the best raw materials, as well as their commitment to sustainable development and respect for the earth, are two key ingredients in their success.

Farmers on the Iberian Peninsula grow the high quality potatoes used to craft these chips. Torres has maintained a relationship with the same growers for over 35 years. The process from raw potato to salty, crispy chip is a detailed affair that draws upon tradition and handcrafted procedures. From harvesting, through peeling, cutting, drying, salting, frying and packaging, each potato gets careful attention to ensure their unique, consistent taste.


Select potatoes, 100% extra virgin olive oil and refined salt.

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Customer Reviews

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    "Very good "

    Walter Graber - Escondido, CA - May 31, 2015

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    "Great potato chips! There are the best!"

    Teresa Wills - Lebanon, MO - Jan 18, 2015

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    "There's a definite presence of olive oil. Very good."


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    "I purchased the potato chips fried in olive oil. I've ordered them before, then I think you stopped offering them. When I received your new catalog and saw them, I had to have them. They're the best chips I've ever had."

    Gail Tofani - Sunnyvale, California - Nov 2, 2014

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    "Great Crunch and not a lot of salt"


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    "Great!! Favorably compares with the previous brand you had now taken over by Jose Andres"

    Jean Barbey - Washington, DC - May 4, 2014

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