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2 Packages of Empanada Shells for Frying

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2 Packages of Empanada Shells for Frying

Tapas Para Empanadas Para Freir - From Argentina

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  • Frozen - Ready to use
  • Made in Argentina
  • Stuff with your choice of savory fillings
  • Size - 2 x 15.98 oz/453 g - About 32 pieces

Aside from 'asado' or Argentinian barbecue, empanadas are one of the most traditional dishes in Argentina. Argentinians love to serve these tiny, hand held pastries as appetizers or snacks at parties. Make your own empanadas at home, in the same manner as many Argentinians, with these premade empanada shells.

It's easy to prepare empanadas at home with these shells: simply thaw the shells, stuff them with your choice of filling and fry in a deep fat fryer until crisp and golden brown. Spicy beef filled empanadas are the most popular variety in Argentina but you can fill them with chicken, pork, seafood, cheese, vegetables or any combination of the above. The possibilities are endless!

Nearly every culture in the world has some variety of these small baked pies. Originating in Galicia, empanadas are the type most commonly prepared in Spain and Latin America. Traditionally served as a tapas or appetizer dish, they make a fantastic party food as eating them requires no utensils and they can be eaten any time of day.


Wheat flour, water, margarine, sugar, salt, wheat gluten, skimmed powdered milk. Preservatives: calcium proponate and potassium sorbate.

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