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Paqu Jaya ‘El Rojo’ Native Chili Sauce from Peru

Paqu Jaya ‘El Rojo’ Native Chili Sauce from Peru

Gourmet Aji Amarillo Sauce with Smoked Garlic

All Natural

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  • Spicy, smoky with a touch of Amazonian honey
  • Medium heat
  • Great with grilled meats and vegetables
  • Made with smoked garlic and Aji Amarillo peppers
  • Supports local Incan communities
  • Size - 3.4 oz/96.3 gr

This tasty Peruvian hot sauce has a medium heat with a smoky sweet flavor from smoked garlic and Amazonian honey. It tastes great with grilled pork, chicken or shrimp, or added to noodles with sautéed vegetables.

This rojo sauce starts with spicy Aji Amarillo chili peppers, native to Peru. Aromatic smoked garlic, roasted tomatoes and honey balance out the heat. The yellow-orange Aji Amarillo pepper has a fruity, citrus flavor that makes it popular across the country. These chilies are grown by Incan farmers in southern Peru.

The founders of Paqu Jaya feature the foods of traditional Peru, with a mission to preserve the rich culinary heritage and well-being of native Peruvian communities.

Peru boasts a variety of landscapes, from its long coastline, to its dense jungle and the soaring Andes mountains. Peru is the origin of some of the world’s greatest foods, including potatoes, tomatoes, peanuts, quinoa, maca root, many varieties of chili pepper and much more. The growing popularity of traditional food and Peruvians’ resistance to modern industrial agriculture will help to ensure this diversity is maintained for many years to come.

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