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Paqu Jaya ‘El Peruano’ Native Chili Sauce

Paqu Jaya ‘El Peruano’ Native Chili Sauce

Gourmet Pepper Sauce with Mango and Amazonian Honey

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  • Medium heat, complex flavor
  • Aji Amarillo and Panca peppers add the spiciness
  • Great with ceviche, seafood, grilled meats
  • Made with fresh mango and Amazonian honey
  • Supports Incan farmers
  • Size - 16.58 oz/470 gr

This delicious Peruvian hot sauce is great with everything! It is made with all fresh ingredients – Aji Amarillo and Panca peppers, mango, garlic and Amazonian honey. It has a medium heat with a complex smoky-savory-sweet flavor. It is tasty with sautéed seafood, ceviche, grilled vegetables and any other dish you can imagine.

This ‘Peruano’ sauce starts with spicy Aji Amarillo and Panca chili peppers, native to Peru. Fresh mangoes and garlic, along with Oxapampa Amazonian honey balance out the heat of the peppers.

The yellow-orange Aji Amarillo pepper has a bright citrus flavor and bold spiciness. Aji Panca peppers are burnt-red and have a milder heat with a fruity, berry-like taste. All of these chilies are grown by Incan farmers in southern Peru.

The makers of Paqu Jaya seek out the foods of traditional Peru, with a mission to preserve the rich culinary heritage of native Peruvian communities.

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