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Dried Arbol Peppers from Mexico

Dried Arbol Peppers from Mexico

Fiery Hot Peppers for Sauces and Spicy Dishes

All Natural

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  • Whole dried chile arbol peppers
  • 2 to 3 inch long peppers
  • Smoky and very spicy
  • Great for flavorful sauces
  • Secret ingredient for chili and all hot dishes
  • Size - 3 oz/85 gr

Arbol chili peppers are like cayenne peppers but with more character. They pack a bold, spicy heat, but also subtle smoky, earthy flavors that make them popular across Mexico. These dried whole peppers are chopped or ground into powder which adds spicy flavor to sauces, chilis and rubs for grilled meats.

Arbol chile peppers are slim and fiery hot, and are about three inches long. They are carefully dried and packed in plastic for freshness. Each bag holds dozens of peppers. They are produced by Orale foods.

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