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Dried Ancho Chile Peppers from Mexico

Dried Ancho Chile Peppers from Mexico

Essential Mexican Pepper - Medium Heat

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  • Mildly spicy, packed with flavor
  • Dried ancho chiles, 2 inches x 4 inches in size
  • Essential for moles, enchiladas and salsas
  • Earthy flavor with aftertaste of raisins and plums
  • About 12 peppers per package
  • Size - 3 oz/85 gr

Ancho chili peppers are an essential Mexican pepper, the key to dishes like enchiladas, salsas and mole sauces. They have a mild heat but are mostly treasured for their complex earthy flavor with notes of plum and raisin. These dried whole peppers can be chopped in a blender or soaked in water for a smoother texture. Some like to toast the peppers to bring out their fullest flavor.

Ancho chiles are actually dried Poblano peppers that originated in the Mexican region of Puebla. You will receive about a dozen peppers per package. You can grind them with their seeds, or without, depending on your heat tolerance. If you want to soak them, let them sit in water for about 20 minutes, but no more because they can become bitter.

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