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5 Packages of Aji Panca Dried Peppers


5 Packages of Aji Panca Dried Peppers

Mild Peppers for Peruvian Dishes

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  • Whole dried aji panca peppers
  • Six inch long peppers
  • Mildly spicy with a fruity, smoky flavor
  • A classic flavor of Peru
  • Great for marinades and sauces
  • Size - 5 x 1.5 oz/42 gr

Aji panca chili peppers are a classic flavor of Peru, and were known in the times of the Inca. Darker than the aji amarillo pepper, the aji panca chili has a smoky, berry like flavor with lots of complexity. They are best used in sauces and dishes that can let their taste shine through.

These dried whole peppers are typically soaked for 10 minutes then blended with garlic and oil. The paste is great for marinading meats or adding to any dish where a bright, smoky flavor with not too much heat is called for. Some even add it to chocolates and other sweets.

Aji panca peppers are about an inch wide with a wrinkled surface. They are mildly spicy and about six inches long. Aji panca peppers are carefully dried and packed in plastic for freshness. Each bag holds about 8 peppers. They are produced by Orale foods.

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