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Deconstructed Ibérico Ham Kit by Peregrino - FREE SHIPPING!

Deconstructed Ibérico Ham Kit by Peregrino - FREE SHIPPING!

Free Range Ibérico Ham - Slices, Center Piece and Cooking Pieces

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  • Half an Ibérico ham, deconstructed
  • 8 packs of freshly sliced jamón
  • 1.5 pound center piece
  • Ibérico cooking pieces
  • Our premium house brand, Peregrino

Jamón Ibérico is a beautifully cured ham found only in Spain. Each marbled slice is a symphony of flavors, and so rich that you savor each bite. Carving a whole cured ham can be daunting, so we offer this "deconstructed" ham, carved and ready for you to enjoy.

We tasted hams from across Spain and chose this as our house Peregrino brand. Unlike most Ibéricos, ours is made from free-range pork from the dehesa rangelands of southwestern Spain. The only difference between this and the exalted Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is that it was not fully finished on acorns.

You will receive eight 3 oz packs of Jamón Ibérico, freshly sliced at La Tienda and ready to serve at a moment's notice. Also included is a premium center cut piece (about 1.5 lbs) for you to carve at your leisure. Finally, we include two packs of diced Jamón Ibérico for adding to your favorite recipe.

Ibérico is the name of the unique black pigs of Spain. Our ham comes from animals that live a life outdoors, wandering in family groups as they feast on grass and herbs, along with animal feed left out for them by the farmers. The ham is cured for over two years, creating an intensely marbled, deeply red ham filled with intense flavor.

We de-bone and slice all of our hams here at La Tienda, so the ham does not suffer months of storage in plastic before you enjoy it. That is why we believe our sliced jamón to be the finest in the United States.

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