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Hoja para Tamal Enconchada - Corn Husks for Tamales

Hoja para Tamal Enconchada - Corn Husks for Tamales

Dried Corn Husks from Mexico

All Natural

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  • Classic corn husks for making tamales
  • Large whole clean husks
  • Soak in water
  • About 40 husks per package
  • Product of Mexico
  • Size - 6 oz/170 gr

These authentic corn husks from Mexico are essential for making traditional tamales. This flavorful meal is a classic Mexican dish, where the moist ground corn (called masa) is filled with spiced chicken or pork, then steamed in the husk. It is then served with a spicy sauce. Alternatively, the masa can be mixed with sugar, then stuffed with raisins or dried fruit for a sweet treat.

Since the time of the Maya the people of Mexico have enjoyed flavorful tamales. It is the ultimate portable food wrapped in the corn husk that it is cooked in. In fact it is thought that the Aztec soldiers used tamales as a staple food when they marched to war.

Your tamale corn husks will need to be soaked in water before use. Keep in a dry place and keep any extra husks in a zipper bag between uses.

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