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18 Inch Copper Paella Pan - Hand Hammered - Serves 8

18 Inch Copper Paella Pan - Hand Hammered - Serves 8

Beautiful Copper Pan - Serves 8 People

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  • Serves 8 people
  • Handcrafted in Mexico
  • Lined with tin for a hygienic cooking surface
  • 14 gauge recycled copper
  • Beautiful for serving and decoration
  • Size - 18 inch diameter

This copper paella pan is a handcrafted masterpiece – both for serving paella, or decorating your kitchen wall. Painstakingly hammered by hand in Michoacan, Mexico, this pan adds a rustic elegance when serving paella. But even more, copper paella pans are the best way to prepare great paella.

Copper is the perfect heat conductor, and these copper paella pans transfer heat so well that you can heat your paella at a lower temperature. This preserves the subtle flavors of your broth and the ingredients.

Our paella pans are made by a small cooperative workshop in Santa Clara Del Cobre, Michoacan, Mexico. Each pan is carefully hammered by hand, with thick stainless steel handles attached to each side.

The heavy gauge copper (14 gauge, 2 mm) is lined with tin for the best combination of heat conduction and a non-reactive cooking surface. These copper pans are oven safe, and can be used on gas burners and electric cooking surfaces.

We looked for copper paella pans in Spain and could not find any. We were thrilled to find this workshop in Mexico that supports artisan traditions that nurture the local community.

Your copper paella pan should be cleaned with soapy water before first use. Use only wood or plastic cooking spoons to avoid scratching the paella pan. Always wash by hand after each use and dry thoroughly. Copper does tarnish, so use copper polish to restore the original shine occasionally. Made in Mexico.

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