Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with Sea Salt by Orgániko
  • Rich and creamy
  • Chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Made with extra virgin olive oil
  • Artisan version of Nutella
  • Award-winning, hand blended
  • Size - 6.85 oz/200 gr

This silky smooth chocolate spread is nothing short of addictive. Once you taste it, you’ll see why we think it might be the best creamy chocolate spread in Spain, if not the world!

This chocolate cream with a hint of sea salt, might be one of the best expressions of chocolate to emerge from the kitchens of Chocolate Orgániko in the outskirts of Madrid. The young couple behind this award-winning chocolatier have dedicated their lives to producing the kind of chocolate worth dreaming about. And with this creation, they’ve achieved their goal!

Within this jar, you’ll find a luscious mix of organic milk chocolate, hazelnuts, local extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of good sea salt. By using such pure and flavorful ingredients, the artisans at Chocolate Orgániko have produced a remarkably silky spreadable form of gourmet chocolate. If you’ve had Nutella or Spain’s Nocilla, you might have preconceived notions for how this sauce tastes. Leave them behind: this crema is far superior, with richer flavors and a creamier texture that will melt across your mouth.

There are many ways to enjoy this spread. One of our favorites is to dip fresh fruit straight into the jar. The combination of rich chocolate, a hint of sea salt and creamy bananas or fresh strawberries is quite a treat. It’s also wonderful slightly heated, and spooned over ice cream, or fruit sorbet, as a chocolate sauce.

Contains nuts.


Organic cane sugar, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic hazelnut (14%), organic cocoa, organic whole milk powder and fleur de sel.

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