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Ceramic Pata Negra Piggy Bank by Fermín

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Ceramic Pata Negra Piggy Bank by Fermín

Handmade Ceramic Ibérico Pig

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  • Handmade in Salamanca
  • Black Ibérico pig
  • With slot for collecting change
  • By Jamones y Embutidos Fermín
  • Size - Approximately 3.5 inches tall x 3 inches wide

This adorable little piggy bank is handmade in La Alberca, the beautiful medieval village where Fermín cures its Ibérico hams and sausages. Modeled after a black Ibérico breed pig, it will be a whimsical addition to your desk or table. Store your spare change by adding it to the slot on top of the pig for later use, or simply enjoy it as a decoration.

Ibérico pigs are indigenous to Spain and are known for their black coloring and black hooves, called 'pata negra.' Fermín is one of our favorite producers of Spain’s exceptional Jamón Ibérico.

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