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Centolla - Antarctic King Crab from Chile by Geomar

Centolla - Antarctic King Crab from Chile by Geomar

Big Pieces of Crab Leg, Perfectly Cooked

All Natural

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  • Large pieces of premium crab
  • Gourmet quality seafood from Geomar at a great price
  • Harvested from the pure waters off the coast of Chile
  • Size - 3.2oz/90 g tin

From the southern coast of Chile, close to the Antarctic, King Crab is harvested and delivered to the modern Geomar factory. They are carefully cooked and hand-picked for the largest, most delectable pieces.

Flavorful and tender, this crab is almost as good as freshly cooked crab. Serve in a cream sauce over rice or pasta, or on a salad with olive oil and vinegar. Or just heat and serve with melted butter.

Geomar is an innovative company that shares the rich seafood harvest of Chile with the world. They are committed to top quality and to stewardship of Chile's seafood resources.

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