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Cecina - 100% Natural Cured Smoked Beef, Whole Piece

Cecina - 100% Natural Cured Smoked Beef, Whole Piece

100% Natural Jamón-Style Cured Beef, Nitrate Free

All Natural

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  • Cured like jamón
  • Hardwood smoked
  • All natural, no nitrates or nitrites
  • Just beef and salt
  • Slice thinly, Carpaccio-style
  • Size - Approximately 1-2.5 lbs

Tender, smoky slices of cured cecina bring back memories of tapas in León. With its deep red color and delicate flavor, this smoked beef rivals Serrano or Ibérico ham in the world of cured meats. Serve this delicacy thinly sliced much as you would a fine jamón. Savor each slice with a glass of wine or add to salads and sandwiches.

Cecina can be served next to sliced Serrano ham, where you can compare these two traditional cured meats from Spain. Because cecina is leaner than ham, drizzle the slices with extra virgin olive oil to bring out their full flavor.

This whole cured piece allows you to enjoy cecina at its freshest. Use a sharp knife and cut thin slices. Unlike most cured beef, each slice is tender and mildly salty. The smokiness balances the rich beef flavor beautifully.

It is illegal for Spain to export beef, so we work with a small family curing house to make an American-made cecina. The cure master uses a whole cut of hormone-free beef and cold smokes each piece with oak wood in the tradition of León in northwest Spain. Our cecina is cured with just salt and smoke – no nitrates or nitrates are added.

Northern Spain has a cooler, wetter climate with a tradition of raising cattle. While jamón is dominant in the south, cured beef is more typical in cities like León. Because of the moister climate, adding smoke helped in the curing process and added a delicious flavor.

Store your cecina in the refrigerator to keep it in top condition. Cover with plastic between uses and discard the first slice every time you carve. Cecina does not require cooking, but can be added to recipes.

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