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Carbó 90% Dark Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat


Carbó 90% Dark Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat

Sophisticated Intense Chocolate from Barcelona

$4.95$3.95ct-108 ct-108 ct-108
  • Premium, intense dark chocolate
  • For the chocolate connoisseur
  • Pair with a fine red wine
  • Made in Barcelona
  • 4th generation chocolatiers
  • Size - 3 oz/85 gr

For the true chocolate aficionado, this sophisticated chocolate reveals layers of flavor with each bite. The chocolatiers at Luxocolat use only premium cacao beans roasted on site in Barcelona. Savor each bite with a glass of fine red wine for an amazing chocolate experience.

Because the percentage of cacao is so high (90%), the true flavors are not masked by sugar or other ingredients. Beginning with a silky smooth texture, waves of flavor follow, with hints of tropical fruit, spices, pepper and wood smoke.

Some high percentage dark chocolates are not balanced, and can become grainy or bitter. The chocolate masters at Luxocolat roast and grind the cacao beans to create a smooth texture and intense, yet balanced flavor. This delicious chocolate pairs well with fine wine and fresh berries.

The Vira family has made fine chocolates in Barcelona since 1904. Originally founded by Josep Ramón, the tradition has carried on for four generations with a respect for tradition and a quest to innovate and improve their cherished chocolates.

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  • "The best chocolate I have ever eaten!!"

    Ellensj5 - Vinton, VA January 2018

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