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Capers in Brine from Andalucía

Capers in Brine from Andalucía

Add Flavor to Seafood, Pasta and Salads

All Natural

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  • All natural capers
  • Add flavor to salads, pastas, seafood
  • Small and tender
  • In water and vinegar
  • Grown in Andalucía
  • Size - 2.2 oz/65 gr drained wt

Capers add a zesty, briny flavor to salads, pasta, sauces and seafood. This tiny flower bud is picked by hand and preserved in salt and vinegar. These little flavor morsels can brighten hundreds of dishes, from ensalada rus (Spanish potato salad) to sautéed flounder.

The caper is the flower bud of the Capparis Spinosa - a wild shrub that flourishes in the crevices and cracks of walls along the Mediterranean coasts of Spain. In the early morning hours of a summer day in Murcia, the buds are picked by hand and immediately pickled in brine for two months. Next they are placed in wine vinegar which gives them their typically tangy taste.

These capers are non-pareil, the finest grade. They are delicious with soups, fresh salads, pastas, grilled seafood, pork chops, potato salad and many more dishes.

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