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Caperberries in Brine from Andalucía

Caperberries in Brine from Andalucía

Great on Salads or in Cocktails

All Natural

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  • Tender, crunchy caperberries
  • Briny olive-like flavor
  • Great in cocktails
  • In water and vinegar
  • Size - 4.2 oz/120 gr drained wt

Lightly crunchy and full of briny flavor, caperberries add an exotic taste to your table. With a flavor similar to olives, they are at home in a salad or served alongside a sandwich. Some of our customers rave about serving them in martinis. We like to simply serve a bowl of chilled caperberries to nibble with a glass of white wine.

Caperberries are the fruit of a wild flowering bush, Capparis Spinosa, which grows all across the Mediterranean coastline of Spain. Pickled in salt and vinegar, they taste like a cross between capers and olives, with a refreshing crunchiness. Capers are actually the flower buds of the same plant.

Chill after opening. About 20 caperberries per jar.

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