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Sale Candied Strawberry and Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat

Candied Strawberry and Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat

Exceptional Chocolate from Barcelona

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  • 64% dark chocolate
  • Sprinkled with candied strawberries
  • Plus crispy raspberry sprinkles
  • Made in Barcelona
  • 4th generation chocolatiers
  • Size - 3.52 oz/100 gr

Taste the sophisticated pairing of premium dark chocolate with candied strawberries and raspberries - a match made in heaven! The intense dark chocolate is balanced by the bright tartness of the fruit.

Each bar is formed from hot rich dark chocolate , and while it is still warm it is sprinkled with candied strawberries and crispy bits of raspberry.

The chocolatiers of Luxocolat roast their cocoa beans themselves, producing the highest quality, freshest chocolate in Spain. This bar is 64% cocoa, and has a deep, rich flavor with notes of tropical fruit. Fresh whole strawberries are candied in sugar syrup, then sliced into pieces. Fresh raspberries are freeze dried, so they have a crisp bite.

Since 1904, the Vira family has made fine chocolates in Barcelona. Originally founded by Josep Ramón, the tradition has carried on for four generations.

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