Caldo Para Paella - Seafood Stock for Paella

Caldo Para Paella - Seafood Stock for Paella

All Natural, Full Flavor - Frozen

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  • All natural - Super flavorful
  • Enough for three small paellas
  • Frozen - Can be stored for months
  • Each package mixed with water makes 4 cups broth
  • Size - 17.7 oz/500 g

Paella is fundamentally about rice. Short grain Spanish rice is the vehicle for all of the flavor of the paella. So an intensely flavorful stock is essential for a great paella.

Our friends at Yurrita have created this incredible concentrated stock for you to use in your paella. Fresh shrimp and vegetables are simmered for hours to concentrate their flavors. Tomate frito (fried tomato sauce) is added for another level of taste.

To ready for use, mix with water at a 1 to 1 ratio and heat on the stove. When mixed with water, each package of caldo para paella yields approximately 4 cups of broth. Use this delicious broth in place of the liquids required in your recipe.


Onion, water, carrot, olive oil, fried tomato, shrimp, sea salt, xanthan gum (a natural stabilizer).

Nutritional Information

Serving size 1 cup (100g). Servings per Container about 5. Calories 80, Fat calories 61, Total fat 7g (11%), saturated fat 1g (6%), cholesterol 5.3g (2%), sodium 400mg (17%), carbohydrate 2g (1%) dietary fiber 1g (4%), protein 2g (1%), Iron 0%, Calcium 0%, vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 0%.* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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