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Calçots Catalan Grilling Onions

Calçots Catalan Grilling Onions

1 Dozen Fresh Calçots Green Onions - Limited Harvest

All Natural

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  • Tender, large sweet green onions
  • Typically charred over fire, served with romesco sauce
  • Grown fresh in the U.S. from Spanish seeds
  • Hand harvested from late April through May
  • NY Times: "Celebrating Spring the Catalonian Way!"
  • Size - 1 Dozen

NOTE: Calçots are only available during the spring when they are in season. The next season will be in spring of 2017. Please click the "Email me when available" link above to be notified when they are back in stock. Thanks!

Calçots are a type of fresh sweet onion that has a passionate following in Cataluña. They are harvested in early spring and are grilled over vine clippings or charcoal. The charred onions are then peeled to reveal a sweet, tender heart that is dipped into romesco, a delicious almond and pepper sauce. They are so popular that they even hold parties called calçotada where people gather to harvest and feast on the tasty calçots (pronounced kal-sots).

Our calçots were featured in the New York Times as a way of "Celebrating Spring the Catalonian Way!"

The secret to these delicious spring onions is the growing method. Onions are planted, and when the new shoots appear they are harvested and stored for the next winter and replanted. As they grow they are continually covered with earth to keep them white and tender, a farming method with the term calçar, which in Catalan means 'to put your shoes on.' Thus calçots earned their name. Xat de Benaiges, a peasant farmer from the town of Valls is credited with developing this delicacy at the turn of the 20th century.

To prepare calçots, grill them over high heat until the exterior is completely charred. Then roll the onions in newspaper and let them sit for 20 minutes or so – this will keep the heat in, allowing them to steam and finish cooking. Then open a bottle of Priorat red wine and enjoy!

Calçots are available in spring, roughly from April through May.

If the calçots are out of season, make sure you click EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE under the product, and you will be the first to know when they are available again!

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Customer Reviews

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  • avatar

    "Unusual food item and delicious"

    JA - Guilford, CT - Jun 7, 2015

  • avatar

    "Nice size, none over-mature, arrived in perfect condition"

    Leu Anne Greco - Baton Rouge, LA - May 31, 2015

  • avatar

    "Fresh, beautifully packaged, and delicious - we can't wait to order them again next year!"

    Mara Gottlieb - Southport, CT - May 18, 2014

  • avatar

    "The calcots are delicious Thank you"


  • avatar


    Jean Barbey - Washington, DC - May 4, 2014

  • avatar

    "perfect in every way"

    Ceaser Pitta - West Caldwell, NJ - Jun 3, 2013

  • avatar

    "Today was my first time tasting these wonderful veggies. Easy to grill and steamed while the rest of the meal was prepared. So good! My family and I are very happy to add this to our grilling traditions!"

    CJ - Hyattsville, MD - May 27, 2013

  • avatar

    "It's very easy to grow big green onions from seed in SoCal, and then the bulbs into Calçots, if you have two years to wait. It's much faster, (virtually instant gratification), to just purchase them by the dozen here! YUM! Gotta dig out the porron!"

    BeachDude - Long Beach, CA - May 21, 2013

  • avatar

    "I roasted my calçots on the grill over apple wood chunks burning at a low flame, flipping them to get an even char and pulling them off one-by-one when the bulb felt squishy. I then let them steam in rolled-up newspaper for about an hour. It worked surprisingly well and I’ll definitely get them again next season."

    David - Rockville, MD - May 18, 2013

  • avatar

    "Fun and messy!!!!!"

    Sara Pimental - Petaluma, CA - May 12, 2013

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