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XL Calasparra Paella Rice by Mitica - 11 lbs


XL Calasparra Paella Rice by Mitica - 11 lbs

Spain's Ultra Absorbent Rice

All Natural

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  • Premium paella rice, D.O. Calasparra
  • Retains shape, not sticky or creamy
  • Mountain grown in Murcia
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Size - Family size - 11 lbs/5 kilos (about 22.5 cups)

This big bag of Calasparra paella rice is perfect for the rice enthusiast. This special strain of short-grain rice is planted in the cool waters of a mountain valley and grows 30% slower than in other regions. This produces rice kernels that are dense and absorb paella broth without breaking or becoming sticky.

Unlike risotto or Asian dishes, paella requires a rice that will retain its shape during cooking. When you serve a paella with Calasparra rice, each kernel will remain separate with a delicate texture. When you want great paella, you need the correct type of rice.

Calasparra is a region in the mountains of the Province of Murcia in eastern Spain. The rice grows in pure mountain water irrigation, unlike most rice which is grown in wetlands near the ocean. This rice is pesticide and herbicide free with no chemicals used at all.

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