Sale Osborne Bull Sculpture - 8 Inches Tall
  • Display on tables and counters
  • Faithful reproduction of this classic Spanish symbol
  • Stand alone or with smaller versions
  • Unique wedding or anniversary gift
  • Size - 20 cm x 22 cm

Display one of the most celebrated cultural icons of Spain on counters, desks and in glass cabinets. If you’ve ever driven the thoroughfares of Spain, this striking collectible will whisk you away - back to the hillsides through which you journeyed. Purchase alone, or add to or build a collection of Osborne bull items. Save for yourself or purchase as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

This stunning black beast is one of the most recognized symbols of Spain, looming from roadsides across the region. The tradition spawned from an advertising campaign of the 1950s. The Osborne bull was the answer to a creative request from an Andalusian brandy company that wanted a clever alternative to billboards. Several black wooden bulls branded with the company name resulted.

The Osborne bull was a smashing success, growing by the hundreds and taking on a more sturdy metal physique. It became a beloved part of Spanish culture. So much so, that in the 1990s, when new roadside advertising laws threatened to ban it, the public insisted a solution be found.

Today, 89 bulls still stand throughout the region. They perch 150 meters further from the road to comply with laws, but their stature has grown by 12 meters in height and 4000 kilograms in weight, so they are sure to be sighted.

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