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Boquerones White Anchovy Fillets in Large Container - 1.75 lbs

Boquerones White Anchovy Fillets in Large Container - 1.75 lbs

Delicate White Anchovies with Sliced Garlic and Parsley

All Natural

  • Mild white anchovies
  • Not salty
  • Popular tapa across Spain
  • Hand filleted and marinated in vinegar and olive oil
  • Enough for a party
  • Size - 1.75 lbs/800 gr drained weight

This large package of superior boquerones are enough to serve a whole tapas party! The delicate white anchovies are tender and delicious, a mild, flavorful tapa famous across Spain. They pair especially well with crusty bread and piquillo peppers or salads. Skewer them with a pickle and an olive and serve as tapas, or eat right out of the package for a satisfying snack.

Our white anchovies have been chilled since they were plucked from the Atlantic Ocean, filleted by hand and packaged so that you can enjoy the freshest boquerones in America.
Boquerones are a popular, tender white anchovy and a classic Spanish tapa. After their departure from the ocean, they are carefully hand cleaned in Spain and immediately pickled in vinegar, which “cooks” them. They are then packed in extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sliced garlic and parsley. These delectable fillets are a classic dish in tapas bars across Spain.

Delicately salted with a much milder taste than traditional anchovies, these boquerones marinate in olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic and parsley and don’t taste very “fishy” at all.

All boquerones in Spain are flash frozen for food safety reasons, before being thawed and prepared in extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Anchovies and boquerones are exactly the same kind of fish, the only difference is that anchovies are heavily salted and boquerones are preserved with vinegar and olive oil.

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    "Opened the new lot of boquerones yesterday. Opinion is they were merinated in the vinegar too long that gives a very strong vinegar taste. We lived in Spain for four years and know their taste. We have ordered these before from La Tienda over the years with no problem. This is not a strike against La Tienda and we will order again but not boquerones THIS year. Maybe, it was just this package of SE-147? "

    September 2016

    Reply from La Tienda
    already spoke to IJ

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    "great product, but high cost will prevent us from ordering it very often"

    March 2016

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