Bonito del Norte Tuna by Arroyabe (Extra Large Tin)
  • Delicate, tender tuna in olive oil
  • Line-caught, dolphin friendly
  • Large food-service tin
  • Size - 40 oz/1150 gr

Bonito del Norte tuna is prized across Spain, and the rest of the world, for its delicate, mild flavor. This line-caught small tuna from the Basque region is hand packed in olive oil and is the most delicious canned tuna in the world.

Once you taste this tuna, you may never open a can of water-packed Albacore tuna from the local grocery store again. The Spanish have mastered the art of preserving tuna, and we’re fortunate now to have access to their best.

For over a century, fishermen in Spain’s Basque region have caught local Bonito tuna with hooks and lines. Today, Arroyabe’s fleet uses the same sustainable, dolphin-safe methods. Once the tuna are caught in the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain, they’re cleaned by hand and cut quickly before they’re packed in good Spanish extra virgin olive oil in these colorful cans.

While it might be tempting to eat this tuna straight from the tin, it’s also a wonderful addition to a Spanish bocadillo on fresh bread. You might try adding it to a hearty salad alongside artichoke hearts, or even stuff piquillo peppers with pieces of tuna and grill them quickly. This firm and flavorful meat is some of the best tuna you’ll ever taste.

Because Bonito del Norte are small, shorter lived tuna, they do not absorb high levels of mercury or other toxins. Once you open your tin, keep refrigerated and use within a few days. This tin is very large and is appropriate for large gatherings or for restaurants.


Bonito tuna and olive oil.

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