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Quarter Piece of Boneless Surryano Ham by Edwards


Quarter Piece of Boneless Surryano Ham by Edwards

100% Pasture Raised, Hickory Smoked

All Natural

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  • 100% pasture-raised heritage Berkshire pork
  • Virginia cured in the style of Serrano
  • Winner 2020 Good Food Award for Charcuterie
  • Aged 400 days - Hickory smoked
  • No cooking necessary, ready to slice
  • Size - Approximately 2-3 lbs

Our friends at S. Wallace Edwards are one of the last artisan ham makers in Virginia. Building on generations of experience, they blend the slow aging traditions of Spain and Virginia to create this Surryano ham. Cured in the Spanish style for 400 days with much less salt than Virginia ham, this special jamon is smoked with hickory wood for a little new world charm! This boneless quarter piece is easy to slice and serve.

This all natural aged boneless quarter ham should be sliced thinly and served with aged cheese and a glass of wine. Serve alongside Spanish Serrano and Ibérico ham to compare their distinct flavors.

Surryano ham is from pasture-raised Berkshire pork, a fattier breed which lends the ham more flavor. The pigs come from outdoor farms where animals have plenty of fresh air and sunshine. The pork is completely free of antibiotics and growth hormones. This posh treatment gives the ham superior marbling and flavor, creating a truly artisan ham.

Each ham is cured for a minimum of 400 days. Slice thinly and serve, no cooking necessary.

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