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Boneless Ibérico Ham by Peregrino, Pasture Raised - FREE SHIPPING!


Boneless Ibérico Ham by Peregrino, Pasture Raised - FREE SHIPPING!

Our Curated Selection - Free-Range Ibérico Breed Ham

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  • Cured for 3 years
  • Pure Ibérico breed from Spain - Free-range
  • Partially acorn-fed, unlike most Ibérico hams
  • Our curated house brand
  • Perfect for parties or to share with friends
  • Size - Approximately 8 to 9 Pounds

Ibérico ham is the jewel of Spanish cuisine. This ruby colored cured ham is intensely flavorful and rich, a fabulous addition to any meal. We de-bone each ham at La Tienda, so you receive the freshest Ibérico ham in the country.

We sampled hams from across Spain and selected the finest for our house brand. Unlike most Jamón Ibérico, this ham is made using free-range pork from the countryside of southwestern Spain (no factory farm pork here!) The only difference between this ham and the ultimate Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is that it was not finished on sweet acorns, and mostly ate wild grasses and herbs.

Slicing from a full bone-in ham is the traditional way to serve Ibérico, but it can be difficult to slice and store. So we offer this boneless version, de-boned in our USDA facility for ultimate freshness. You can cut it into portions to share with friends and also use a meat slicer for perfectly thin pieces of ham.

Ibérico pigs are a unique breed, only found in Spain. They are tall and hearty, and able to survive well in the beautiful Dehesa forests of southern Spain. There they wander within family groups, eating grasses and wild herbs. This regular Ibérico comes from animals who were not on the Dehesa during all of acorn season, so they are not classified as 'de Bellota.' Bellota literally means acorns.

Each ham is cured for a full 3 years in the mountains of Spain. Keep your boneless ham refrigerated before it is opened and in between slicing sessions. Wrap exposed jamón in plastic when in the refrigerator. Chill to a very low temperature (but don't freeze solid) before using an electric slicer, a few hours in the freezer will do. If you don't slice for a while you may see some salt residue and mold on the surface of the ham. This is harmless, simply cut away the surface and the ham underneath will be fresh and delicious.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews
  • "The boneless iberico ham, I bought one piece. It was good. So I bought 2 more this Xmas: one was excellent, the other we had to throw it out. It was not that it did not have taste, it tasted bad. An embarrassment because that piece was the one we offered to our guests. Jose"

    Jose - Denver, CO January 2020

  • "Very salty, chewy, dry. "

    Very - Peekskill, ny, NY August 2017

  • "Absolutely mouth watering tender and delicious. Just like I remember from visiting Spain."

    A - White Bear Lake, MN April 2016

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