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Cinco Jotas Boneless Jamón Holder


Cinco Jotas Boneless Jamón Holder

Boneless Ham Holder by Cinco Jotas

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  • Firmly holds boneless paletas and hams
  • Patented design ensures a flat cutting surface
  • Eliminates waste - allows one to cut the whole piece
  • Perfect for the novice ham slicer
  • Helps ensure thin, even slices

This ingenious boneless ham holder by Cinco Jotas will make any ham carver look like a professional. Easy to use and ready to go out of the box, this ham holder firmly holds your favorite piece of boneless ham with a series of gripping spikes. A knife guide makes sure that the cutting surface stays nice and flat and makes it easy to cut thin and even slices.

One of the most helpful features is the ability to spin the piece of jamon or paleta from one side to the other without having to remove the meat from the holder. Very heavy duty construction, with stainless steel components that make cleaning up effortless. The design is clean and modern, with the fantastic Cinco Jotas look that has made them famous.

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