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Bomba Paella Rice by Santo Tomas


Bomba Paella Rice by Santo Tomas

Premium Paella Rice

All Natural

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  • The best rice for paella
  • All natural, no pesticides or fertilizers
  • Grown in Valencia
  • Absorbs 30% more broth than regular rice
  • Spain's premium rice
  • Size - 2.2 lb/1 kilo (about 4.5 cups)

Bomba is the best rice for paella. Bomba absorbs three times its volume in broth, yet each grain retains its shape and texture. For an authentic paella, there is no better rice.

Bomba is a short grained rice that matures very slowly. Santo Tomas rice is grown with no pesticides or fertilizers in the Albufera Nature Reserve near Valencia.

Bomba had all but disappeared from the land because it requires lots of labor to flourish. Fortunately, gourmet chefs across Spain began to spotlight this special rice, so that today Bomba is now available to restaurants and home cooks alike.

Rice is the most important ingredient in paella, which is the reason many paellas are called "arroces (rices)" in Spain. There is no substitute for Spanish paella rice because each grain absorbs flavor but remains distinct and intact. Italian Arborio rice is too creamy, Asian rice is too sticky, and long grain is not absorbent enough. It is worth a few extra dollars to make your paella a success!

Bomba rice is grown without pesticides and herbicides. No chemicals of any kind are added during processing.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews
  • "Is ok but not as good as the pelligrino"

    Daniel - Abilene, KS December 2019

  • "I love Bomba and my husband and I love paella. Can't make paella without Bomba."

    Sue - Springfield, IL August 2019

  • "EXCELLENT rice for Paella"

    Sue - Canton, OH January 2018

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