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2 Packages of Croquetas de Hongos - Boletus Mushroom Croquettes

2 Packages of Croquetas de Hongos - Boletus Mushroom Croquettes

Frozen - Handmade and All Natural

All Natural

  • Made with wild Boletus mushrooms
  • The best we have ever tried!
  • One of Spain's most famous tapas
  • Ready to cook
  • Size - 2 x 16 oz/1 lb

Handmade with all-natural ingredients, we firmly believe these artisan Croquetas de Hongos are some of the best croquettes you'll find anywhere in the world. With their creamy Boletus Edulis (also known as Porcini) mushroom filling and a crisp breaded exterior, you'll please your family and friends when you present a platter of these at your next dinner party!

Artisan produced by Yurrita in Oikina, a village in the Basque region of Spain, our mushroom croquettes are individually made by local women using only the best all-natural ingredients. The filling contains 15% authentic wild Boletus Edulis mushrooms, a well appreciated delicacy in Spain. In addition to the Boletus mushrooms, these are made with extra virgin olive oil and whole fresh milk from a nearby creamery that delivers daily.

It couldn't be easier to enjoy this extraordinary Spanish tapa at home. Using a deep fryer or a pan filled with at least 2 inches of oil preheated to 375 degrees, cook in small batches for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove to a serving plate with a slotted spoon and serve immediately.

Keep frozen until ready to cook.

Customer Reviews

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    "A new purchase--and fantastic."

    December 2016

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    "Lousy, tiny size, favor was not bad but very poor texture. Totally disappointed, make your own they are quite easy."

    August 2015

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    "MMmmmmm very flavorful"

    December 2014

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    "OH SO Good! These have the distinct boletus flavor in a delicious creamy mix.A fantastic addition to meats."

    September 2012

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    "Picked these up at the Jamestown Road store before Christmas. Authentic, Great taste, Easy to prepare (Direct from freezer to fry pan)"

    January 2012

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