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Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Castillo de Canena

Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Castillo de Canena

Exceptional Organic Picual Olive Oil

All Natural

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  • Certified biodynamic and organic
  • Fresh, lively and expressive
  • Beautiful sand-textured bottle
  • Holistic farming, caring for entire ecosystem
  • Award winning
  • Size - 16.8 oz/500 ml

Castillo de Canena once again brings us an exceptionally flavorful extra virgin oil packed with healthy antioxidants and vitamins. But this time they have reached a new pinnacle, transforming their olive groves into a whole and complete ecosystem, earning their oil certification as biodynamic. More about that later, first about the oil!

This oil is made from Picual olives harvested at the perfect ripeness. It is truly bursting with flavors, from herbs and vegetables, to fruits like apple and banana. It has a bold spicy finish born of the antioxidant rich vitamins and polyphenols. This is a blockbuster of an oil, best enjoyed with fresh bread, on a spring salad, or drizzled over sauteed vegetables. It has a very low acidity of 0.15%, a strong indicator of its quality.

So what does biodynamic really mean? Our friends at Castillo de Canena not only follow organic methods, but care for the whole ecosystem of their olive orchards and the surrounding environment. They call it their "first forest EVOO," because they planted a forest of local trees such as oaks, ash, black poplars and junipers around the grove to enrich the soil and environment.

They only use compost made of pressed olive skins, leaves and sheep humus to fertilize the trees, and have created their own chrysopidae farm. These predator insects protect the trees from pests. They also installed honeycomb panels for bees to help with pollination and as a bio-indicator that the farm is insecticide free.

The Castillo de Canena team follows a biodynamic calendar for pruning, watering, composting and harvesting. They even work with local farmers and a missionary group in Lake Turkana, Kenya, to pass on their knowledge of responsible farming.

As you can see, earning a biodynamic certification takes a lot of work and dedication. The result is an amazing extra virgin olive oil that is not only exceptionally flavorful, but was born of a truly healthy and vibrant environment.

Your Castillo de Canena biodynamic extra virgin olive oil will come in a specially designed bottle with the color and texture of a sandy soil, and decorated in white and green showing the stars and moon representing the cosmic forces. As the Vañó family says, this olive oil has been made "through the integration and complete harmony with the ecosystem, the natural habitat and the cosmos, enriching the concept of organic farming."

Gold medal at EcoTrama for best organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oil
Gold medal at Olive Japan 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oil International Competition

Winner -
2016 Clean Choice Awards from Clean Eating magazine.

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