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Magno Collection

Magno Collection

Black Soap and Creamy Bath Gel

  • From the hot springs of La Toja
  • A traditional Spanish favorite

Magno is the favorite brand of soap in the Tienda community. The unique Magno line is made with minerals and salts from the hot springs of La Toja, along the Atlantic coast of Galicia. Why not enjoy these Spanish favorites: hand soap and a gel? The creamy, soothing bath and shower gel and handsome black soap have a rich fragrance that has a personality of its own. Each will fill your room with a with a lingering aroma. The two soap bars are 4.4 oz each. The gel is 20 ounces.

Customer Reviews

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    "Great to have both the soap and shower gel offered as a collection... this is my husband's favorite soap."

    Susan Bisogno - Belleville, NJ - Nov 19, 2015

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    "This really brought back memories! Magno was the only soap I used in Spain, but back then all they had was bars. The shower gel is nice though. Love it!"

    Jean W - Newbern, TN - Sep 25, 2015

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    "I first used your product when I was stationed in Germany and I traveled to Spain plus it was carried in the Base exchange store. I never forgot the soap or bath gel, the way it cleaned and its wonderful scent that stayed with you for hours. I had one bar left from all the soap I brought when I left in 1992. I have tried many other black soaps they are just not the same, many living a soapy film on the body. A friend told me to check the internet to see if I could order it if I had the name of the soap from Spain, to my surprise when I did find it again, so I will be ordering again and again, very pleased with your soaps."

    Tanunikia KAYTAN - Austin, Texas - Feb 25, 2015

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    "Wonderful fragrant soap."

    barbara mcgonagle - milton, MA - Dec 14, 2014

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    "Always smells so fresh and clean! An awesome scent! I've been using for years:-)"

    Mara Goldberg - Philadelphia, PA - Nov 2, 2014

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    "my husband really likes the bath soap and I really like the liquid body wash."

    Marvella Pauls - Hampton, VA - Nov 2, 2014

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    "the magno shower gel has a lovely scent. please ask the manufacturers to make the bar soap smell exactly like the shower gel. i like the smell of the gel much better because it has a richer scent,not so acidly or alkaline like the bar soap, also the scent of the bar soap does not linger on or perfume your skin like the shower gel does."

    jm - Jan 27, 2011

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    "I love the scent! It leaves my skin clean, but not dry like many other shower gels sold in America."

    Sandy - Aug 6, 2010

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    "Since our first trip to Spain in 1983, we have loved Magno soap, solid or liquid, as the all-time, best smelling soap we've ever smelled. A shower or bath with Magno is therapeutic just for the aroma. We try always to have some bars of Magno in our dresser drawers to make our clothes smell divine before eventually using the soap. I always have a bottle of the liquid Magno ready for use in the shower. I've given the soap as gifts to family and friends to make them smile!"

    Pat from PA - Nov 23, 2009

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