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Organic Artichoke Hearts by Monjardin


Organic Artichoke Hearts by Monjardin

Alcachofas al Natural - Certified Organic

All Natural

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  • Delicious and tender artichoke hearts
  • Hand-picked and prepared
  • All-natural, certified organic
  • Approximately 20 per jar
  • Size - 14.1 oz/400 g drained wt

These plump and tender artichoke hearts were hand selected and prepared using traditional Spanish methods. Organically grown and packed in water and salt, these are a tender and delicious delicacy - and not at all like the sometimes tough artichoke hearts commonly found at the grocery store.

Use these artichoke hearts in many of your favorite dishes for a unique taste of Navarra. On their own, they're wonderful topped with a dollop of alioli or garlic mayonnaise. Try them baked in casseroles, use them as a pizza topping, or toss them with pasta. They're also fantastic on green salads or in paella.

Monjardín is an organic line of vegetables from El Navarrico, an artisan brand that has been a La Tienda favorite for years. Certified organic Monjardín artichokes are grown in Navarra, a region in northern Spain known for abundance of fresh produce. Grown without the use of fertilizers or chemical additives, only the very best of each season's artichoke crop is selected for use.

Use within 3 days of opening.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
  • "Always enjoyable."

    Duke - palm desert, CA May 2020

  • "These are tender, and in fact a little mushy, but they are very tasty and the least expensive choice for organic artichokes I have found. This way I can eat artichokes even when I can’t get organic fresh ones."

    Marlin - Santa Fe , NM May 2018

  • "stacy 2 Star Rating "Sorry to disagree, but I find these to be mushy and flavorless. I can't wait until the tiny artichoke hearts are avalable." Mushy is EXACTLY the point! That means there is no aluminum in them! You can recognize the aluminum because the artichoke is tough and chewy as shoe leather. When I have tried artichoke hearts from Ecuador, Spain (Cento brand and others) and elsewhere, I find tough and chewy contaminated artichoke hearts which wake me up in the middle of the night with a painful stiff neck! But Organic Monjardin have no aluminum in them. (Aluminum gets picked up from soil which has been allowed to turn very acid.) And for flavor, add some olive oil and lemon juice, or if you dig spices, add oil, pepper and vinegar like Cento and the others. Keep up the good work, Monjardin!!"

    Benjamin - Plymouth, New Hampshire May 2012

  • "Sorry to disagree, but I find these to be mushy and flavorless. I can't wait until the tiny artichoke hearts are avalable."

    stacy - March 2011

  • "The best jarred artichoke hearts I've ever had!!"

    A - October 2010

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