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Andes Pink Salt with Native Chilies by Nina Muru

Andes Pink Salt with Native Chilies by Nina Muru

Mountain Harvested Salt with Chilies and Turmeric

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  • Hand harvested salt from the Andes mountains
  • Blended with aji limo and aji amarillo peppers
  • Flavored with ground turmeric
  • Season grilled meats, ceviche, stir fries and tiradito
  • Attractive gift
  • Size - 3.5 oz/100 gr

This delicious salt flavored with native chillies originates high in the Andes mountains. The mineral rich pink salt is harvested by hand in small pools 11,000 feet in the mountains, then blended with dried aji chilies and ground turmeric. This tasty seasoning is perfect for grilled meats, ceviche, stir fries, tiradito and soups.

Nina Muru is a brand that features the finest of Peru's rich culinary culture. Pink salt from the Andes is very pure and contains beneficial minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium. It dissolves easily and is a great salt for seasoning meats and in marinades.

The delicious, mildly spicy aji peppers of Peru add another level of flavor. Dried aji amarillo and aji limo peppers are ground and blended with turmeric and the pink sea salt. Each pinch of this tasty blend has a smoldering spiciness balanced with the fruity, citrusy flavor of the aji peppers.

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