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Aluminum Paella Pan Lid for 13 Inch Pans

Aluminum Paella Pan Lid for 13 Inch Pans

Ideal for a Dramatic Reveal at the Table!

  • Made of aluminum
  • Traps steam keeping paella warm before serving
  • Fits paella pans and other skillets and pans
  • Perfect size for 13 inch paella pans
  • Made in Spain
  • Size - 15 inches/38 cm

Imagine guests gathered around your table anticipating a Spanish feast. Picture the dramatic reveal as you remove your paella pan lid uncovering the colorful creation speckled with chorizo, chicken, vegetables and seafood. Intoxicating aromas will permeate the air – a tantalizing hint of the delectable meal to come.

Paella is served directly from the pan to preserve the texture of the rice and the golden caramelized crust formed along the bottom while cooking. During the end of the cooking process, we suggest that you cover the dish and let it sit for about 15 minutes to finish cooking and allow the rice to completely absorb the flavors in the broth and other ingredients. Using the paella pan lid will allow you to keep the dish warm and seal in the flavors before serving.

Preparing paella is surprisingly easy for a dish that makes such a grand display and tastes so unique and delicious. It’s important to use premium rice, which is flavored with broth and seasoned with saffron and other spices along with meats and vegetables. There are literally hundreds of recipes for this traditional Spanish dish!

Our durable paella pans and lids are produced by a third generation company started in 1940, which got its start making kitchen utensils such as ladles, cooking tripods and tongs. These were the beginnings of a tradition to last over three generations. The first paella pans were created in the 50s and the family of artisans continues to produce all of their pans in Valencia, the birthplace of paella.

This aluminum paella pan lid is ideal for a variety of cuisine. It may be used with all different types of cook tops. The lid is slightly larger than a 13 inch pan, allowing for full coverage. Wash by hand with a non-abrasive cloth.

Customer Reviews

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    "Just the size I have been looking gor"

    Janis - Cumming, GA - Sep 10, 2017

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    "Works perfectly when letting your paella "rest"."

    Jeannie - Philadelphia, PA - Aug 20, 2017

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