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Alioli Garlic Sauce by La Chinata


Alioli Garlic Sauce by La Chinata

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All Natural

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  • Rich, delicious alioli garlic sauce
  • Full garlic flavor, not too strong
  • Made with extra virgin olive oil
  • Delicious sauce for tortilla, paella & grilled seafood
  • All Natural
  • Size - 4.58 oz/130 gr

Spanish tortilla is not complete without its creamy sidekick, alioli. This comforting egg and potato omelet is perfectly complemented by the garlicky sauce. When we tasted this version, from premier producer La Chinata, we found the perfect alioli for your next piping hot tortilla or for seafood paella, grilled fish and many other Spanish dishes.

La Chinata is a family-run business that was founded nearly a century ago. They began by producing extra virgin olive oil at a time when it was mostly commoditized, focusing on quality from day one.

Over the years, the family has grown, and enterprising cousins sought to add more products to the business, using their world class olive oil. La Chinata began to make a handful of gourmet sauces that are integral to Spanish cuisine, and their alioli is one of the best we’ve ever tasted.

Garlic sauce, known as alioli in Spain or aioli in France, is derived from the word for garlic, ajo. While versions of the sauce are made using eggs, more similar to mayonnaise, traditional Spanish alioli is made without them. This particular version is made with La Chinata’s superior extra virgin olive oil, as well as garlic, salt and a dash of lemon juice.

Alioli is a great condiment to have on the hand in the kitchen. Besides serving it with Spanish tortilla, it’s great with paella, fried squid, grilled fish or even added to salad dressings.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews
  • "Los ingredientes de este allioli son los que tienen que ser: aceite y ajo. Pero la salsa resultante no me recuerda a allioli. "

    Macarena - NY, NY December 2016

  • "Tastes just as I remember even with a softer taste"

    Beatrice - Galesburg, IL March 2016

  • "delicioso"

    OLGA - PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL October 2015

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