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Ajo Morado Purple Garlic by José Andrés Foods

Ajo Morado Purple Garlic by José Andrés Foods

Fresh, Flavorful Garlic from La Mancha

All Natural

  • Four fresh bulbs of purple garlic from Cuenca
  • Milder and sweeter than white garlic
  • Great for gazpacho, alioli or garlic shrimp
  • From Las Pedroñeras, an IGP protected name
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Size - 8.8 oz/250 gr - 4 garlic bulbs

Ajo morado is a special kind of garlic, with a mild, sweet flavor and notes of citrus and green onions. Use it for Spanish classics like fresh gazpacho soup, garlic shrimp or alioli sauce. Once roasted it becomes sweet and spreadable, perfect with roast meats and fresh bread.

The owners of La Veguilla produce the best garlic in Spain from their fields near Cuenca. They are proud to care for the land and the environment that produces the garlic that they treasure so much.

A few words about this item from chef José Andrés:

"The purple garlic from the village of Los Pedroñeras is legendary. Spicy when eaten raw but less pungent than its more common cousin, this beautifully colored garlic takes on a mellow, almost sweet flavor when roasted. Purple garlic's uniqueness is due to the climate of the region, known as the garlic capital of Spain, and the dedication of its people to this local tradition. Harvested only at the peak of the season, prepared without any additives, and packaged with great care to preserve freshness, this purple garlic is more expressive than white - more delicate, more complex. Use liberally, aside from being astonishingly flavorful, the compound responsible for the lovely hue is a powerful antioxidant. Healthy and delicious? More please!"

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Customer Reviews

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    "Best garlic ever!"

    April 2017

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    "If you like garlic, this is for you. It is sweet and flavourful and better than any garlic I ever used."

    March 2017

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    February 2017

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    "Delicious! Just made garlic bread. I must propagate it!"

    January 2017

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    "1/2 of the garlic cloves were unusable. The half that was good was excellent but the others were well past their prime."

    January 2017

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