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Aji Panca Pepper Paste from Peru

Aji Panca Pepper Paste from Peru

Mild Red Pepper Sauce from Peru

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  • Special chili pepper grown in the Andes
  • Mild, almost fruity flavor
  • Use it to enhance your favorite dish
  • Made in Peru by Doña Isabel
  • Size - 10.5 oz/297 gr

Aji panca is one of the most typical native peppers in Peru. While other members of the aji pepper family are fairly spicy, aji panca stands out for its mild taste and fruity, berry-like flavor.

In paste form, this mild, dark-red chili is often used in stews and fish dishes. Use it as a marinade for any type of meat. Not too spicy, aji panca paste makes an excellent base for a wide variety of recipes when combined with sautéed onions, garlic and herbs.

This is a key ingredient in traditional Peruvian recipes, such as carapulcra, anticuchos, ajiacos and seco norteño.

Refrigerate after opening.

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