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Aged Manchego Cheese by Cueva del Abuelo - 1 lb

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Aged Manchego Cheese by Cueva del Abuelo - 1 lb

Firm, Sharp Sheep’s Milk Cheese

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  • Pasture raised sheep’s milk
  • Firm and sharp
  • D.O.P. from La Mancha
  • From Manchega sheep’s milk
  • Aged 180 days
  • Size - 1 lb/453 gr wedge

Manchego is the ultimate Spanish cheese. This aged version is firm with a light yellow color and a bright sharpness. It has a rich flavor and a firm texture. Serve thinly sliced with a glass of good Spanish wine.

Manchego is a traditional cheese from La Mancha. The rind has a cross hatched pattern evoking the esparto grass molds that were originally used to form the cheeses. Cueva del Abuelo Manchego is registered in the D.O.P. (Denomination of Origin) ensuring that only the finest pasture-raised sheep’s milk is used, and that a strict set of quality guidelines is followed.

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