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Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese - 1 lb


Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese - 1 lb

Hard Cheese from Menorca

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  • Aged, hard cheese
  • Nutty, sharp flavor
  • Made from cow's milk
  • Serve with red wine
  • Size - 1 lb/453 gr

Mahón is the famous cheese of the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean. Made from the milk of pasture-raised cows, it has a rich, nutty flavor and firm texture. After six months of aging, the soft, mellow Mahón becomes a somewhat bolder cheese with a sharpened flavor and pleasant bite.

Serve this special cheese alongside its younger version to compare their different flavors. It is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of red wine.

Mahón is the capital city of Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Because of the balmy weather, Menorca is greener than much of Spain and provides excellent grazing for cattle. Mahón is coated with mild paprika, which gives it a characteristic orange rind.

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