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1,000 Spanish Recipes by Penelope Casas

1,000 Spanish Recipes by Penelope Casas

The Definitive Guide to Authentic Spanish Recipes

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  • By Penelope Casas, NY Times journalist and author
  • Accessible, delicious recipes
  • 720 pages, 1,000 authentic recipes
  • Organized by meal category
  • 50 paella recipes

Penelope Casas was a pioneer and an evangelist for Spanish food. She and her husband Luis were at the vanguard of Spain's incredible rise as an important part of the American food world. She spent decades traveling Spain and talking with everyone, from grand chefs and village grandmothers, to find the best recipes for Spain's iconic foods. She wrote about food for The New York Times and famous food magazines and she published six groundbreaking books on the cuisine of Spain.

She also became a friend of our family. When we first started our online store, she generously answered customer questions and helped us to understand the cuisine and culture of Spain at deeper level. We are pleased to offer this cookbook, a grand tour of the cuisine in Spain, covering every region from Galicia to the Balearic Islands, and every conceivable dish.

The book is organized into recipe type, from simple soups and salads, to more complex main courses and even a section featuring 50 paellas. Each recipe is simply presented and carefully explained so that you can bring the flavor of Spain to your table. Through her carefully curated collection of recipes, Penelope has created a legacy that reflects her passion and love for the people, culture and cuisine of Spain.

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Customer Reviews

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    "My wife and i reviewed the book, and if you are like us, the book gives you a good number of different recipes, such as the Paella. We tend to review them and make our own, subsituting things we like or don't like. I like the fact that there are a great number of authentic dishes in the book."

    Chris - Toronto, ON August 2017

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    "Just made the tortilla recipe and it was wonderful! Just as delicious as we enjoyed in Spain. I also have enjoyed reading the story of the author- very interesting! I don't love the way the sections of the cookbook are labeled however. Each section lists the recipes found within, but does not list the page numbers for the recipes, so i found myself having to flip through several pages to find the recipe i was interested in reading. "

    Renee - Hickory, NC January 2017

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    "Love, love, love Penelope's recipes! Already made Pollo al Andalús and even my picky daughter pronounced it good!"

    Sara - Columbia, MD January 2016

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    "Love this cookbook!"

    CATHERINE - NORMAN, OK September 2015

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