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Paleo Diet

For Spain, the common sense of the Paleo Diet is nothing new. From the ancient caves of Altamira, to the modern barras of Barcelona, the pure simplicity of the Paleo diet has been thriving here for thousands of years. Explore the simple goodness of earthy Spanish fare.

For your convenience, we’ve ranked our list of Paleo-friendly products into three tiers, in adherence to popular primal guidelines for the Paleo Diet. Tier One includes raw meat and seafood, along with honey, almonds, and spring water. Olive oils can also be found in Tier One as a cooking oil.

While we studiously avoided listing our legumes, in Tier Two, you’ll find delicious jarred vegetables and canned seafoods, as well as natural olive wood accessories and esparto creations (how else to serve your paleo feast?)

You’ll find some wild cards in Tier Three: the 'Paleo power bar' (otherwise known as turrón, made from almonds and honey); raw and cured sausages, natural salts, and lastly, jamón. We just could not resist. After all, if Paleo man wished to preserve his meat, he’d surely hang it to cure in the mountain breezes of Spain.

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