Three Guys from Miami - Celebrate Cuban
  • 100 classic Cuban party recipes
  • A great follow up to their first book
  • Beautiful color photos

From Kirkus Reviews:

"Three guys from Miami have an awfully good time concocting tasty Cuban fare. Lindgren, Musibay and Castillo are the "Three Guys from Miami," a hearty band of bon vivants who offer a delicious array of Cuban-inspired foods accompanied by cultural anecdotes and off-the-wall humor. In the midst of dazzling photography capturing street scenes and food styling, the Three Guys tender 100 recipes that range from the basics of roast pork, black beans, white rice, fried plantains and yucca with oil and garlic, to milk shakes and assorted beverages, Cuban toast, empanadas, glorious lobster creations and desserts—as well as hangover and stomach-ache remedies. Each recipe comes with some entertaining banter between the three guys that might touch on the ritual of family gatherings, or the importance of music with food, or how to "Cubanize" a turkey. Readers will also learn how best to substitute for impossible-to-find ingredients.

"For us, the party never ends," say the authors. Grab a seat and join the fun!"

Copyright 2006, Kirkus Reviews

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