Set of 12 Sherry Glasses
  • Beautiful tulip shape
  • Typical style of Andalucía
  • Shape concentrates aromas
  • Ideal for all types of sherry
  • 12 glasses

We frequently daydream about sitting outside at a café in sunny Sevilla, with a refreshing glass of sherry and a bowl of Marcona almonds on the table. These sherry glasses are a common sight across Andalucía, with their familiar tulip shape that enhances the famous aged wine. What better way to bring the spirit of Sevilla home than with these elegant glasses!

Wine connoisseurs call sherry the most under-appreciated wine. We tend to agree – it’s as refreshing as champagne and as complex as a Rioja, and so unique! To best savor each sip, this traditional copita is the perfect companion.

You’ll likely recognize these glasses from bars in Sevilla. Their tapered bowls concentrate the wine’s nutty aromas, thrusting them upwards when you take a sip. With stout stems and deep bowls, these glasses bring centuries of tradition to the table.

If you’ve been to southwestern Spain, you’ve been to sherry country. The sherry-producing regions of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and Montilla-Moriles, wedged between Cádiz and Sevilla, have been the center of Andalucía’s wine industry for 2000 years.

Sherry is produced when wine is fermented and fortified with grape-based spirits. The most delicate and least alcoholic is fino, a pale, dry sherry. Similar to fino is manzanilla, which comes from Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Darker amontillado sherry tends to be older, and with age comes a more powerful flavor. And oloroso, the local favorite, is the most intensely nutty and oxidized of all. A proper glass is the best way to understand its complexities as you sip through each type.

We love a refreshing glass of fino with some buttery Marcona almonds or marinated olives, or even rich slices of jamón. Try a sweeter sherry after dinner, with a plate of Spanish cheese and dried figs. With this beautiful little copita in hand, you’ll enjoy sipping in true Spanish style!

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