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Osborne Toro Gift Box with 2 Cups and Saucers

Osborne Toro Gift Box with 2 Cups and Saucers

Gift the Classic Symbol of Spain

$26.95 GI-05


  • 2 coffee cups and matching square saucers
  • Bright, bold colors of Spain
  • Decorated with the famed Osborne bull
  • Packaged in matching gift box

The quintessential gift for the past or future Spanish traveler or those with an appreciation for nostalgic or emblematic pieces, this cup and saucer gift is both striking and functional. Adorned with the infamous Osborne bull, these ceramic mugs represent the story of a Spanish icon and are perfect for sipping traditional chocolate caliente or coffee while imagining steering through the hills of Spain.

The well-known Osborne bull towers over thoroughfares throughout Spain and made its first appearance in 1956 as part of an advertising campaign for Brandy de Jerez. Instead of displaying traditional billboards, the company wanted to make a splash with a unique approach. After enlisting the help of a local artist, they came up with the idea of perching 16 branded bull silhouettes where billboards would typically reside.

The legendary black beasts soon took on a life of their own and grew to become a cultural symbol across Spain. At their peak, they stood 500 strong along the country’s roads and highways. During the 1990s their existence was threatened by changing laws prohibiting roadside advertising. The public was in such a state upon hearing about their possible removal that a creative solution was reached. The bulls decreased in numbers and moved further from the roadside to comply with the laws, but increased their stature by 12 meters and 4000 kilograms. Today, they loom from afar at drivers on hillsides and countrysides.

Each cup has a capacity of approximately 4 ounces.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 review

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Charolette Troy - Albany, OR  5 Star Rating
"These cups and saucers are beautiful! After ordering two sets of the mugs we had to order a set of the smaller cups and saucers and more mugs. Everyone who saw them wanted some too!"

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