Revolutionary Jamón Knife by Michelangelo (Left Handed)
  • Made for left handed use
  • Slice like an expert
  • Special blade and guard for uniform slices
  • Get the most out of your whole jamón
  • Made in Spain
  • Size - 11.5 inch blade

When we heard what this knife could do, we had to try it to believe it. The most challenging part of slicing a jamón is to cut very thinly through different textures of meat. This knife made us look good! Even in hard to slice areas of the jamón, we were able to cut perfect, wafer thin slices of ham.

There is an art to slicing jamón well. In fact, there are even multiple slicing competitions every year to see who can carve the best slices and use each ham to its fullest. This knife system allows you to cut like a professional slicer without years of practice.

A fine Serrano or Ibérico ham is a work of art. With this excellent knife you will be able to take advantage of every delicious slice. It comes with a removable guard that guarantees perfect slices and protects your safety.

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May We Suggest

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